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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Laban V Guardianistas

I tip my hat to Laban Tall. He’s entered into the dragon’s den of Liberalism, the Guardian online, to try to convince them that stopping the, can be achieved only by the acceptance of liberal mistakes. Sadly, most didn’t listen, but I suppose it was worth the effort.

What can be gleaned from both The Guardian's comment, and their exposé, however, is that liberals cannot understand the motivations of those who vote for the BNP. And, therefore, will
never solve the problems which feed its support. ‘Forceful campaigning’ may sound good, but in actual fact it is tripe. Without acknowledgement of the failure of multiculturalism, the result will be more and more success for the BNP.

The Guardian, like an early twentieth century general, is fighting the last war. Seemingly, they believe that people will be ‘shocked’, by these revelations.
Some members use racial epithets? As shocks go that’s not quite up there with Foinavon. And, the racialism of some members doesn’t change the fact that a large amount of people who are not racialists, now support the BNP. These people have legitimate concerns, and these concerns cannot and will not be tackled by attempting to side-track the BNP.

They also managed to find out that the BNP operate in secrecy? Well, it is obvious that they do so because in oh so democratic Britain, these people would be persecuted for their political beliefs. Indeed, it is difficult not to feel sympathy for Simone Clarke, she seems to have sensible immigration concerns and, in light of her domestic arrangements, can hardly be called a racial nationalist. I can only hope that the decision to 'out her' will backfire on the Guardian, as The House of Dumb
puts it:
Back in the day, the Guardian waxed lyrical about how digusterated they were by the News of the World publishing the names of convicted paedophiles. So, let’s check the scores on the doors here: outing perverts who prey on kids: bad, outing people who support a party the Left disapproves of: good.
If the true goals here are the retreat of the BNP, and the achievement of a cohesive British community, then what is needed is not Guardian exposés, but a political party not beholden to the current mode of thinking. Put simply, the best way to attack is from the right. And at the moment this is not happening.

The policies needed are not rocket science. All we are looking for is a party that doesn’t think of anything as ‘beyond the pale’; a party that will have the guts to say that the current immigration policies are a deliberate attempt to weaken the nation state, and highly desired by ‘world-governmenters’; a party that will maintain British independence; a party that shows that the logical conclusion of The BNP‘s policies are racial balkanisation, and the disastrous consequences of that for this country; and finally, a promise to destroy multiculturalism, period.

Laban thinks this gap on the right will be filled, soon. The question is: by whom?

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At 12:12 am, Anonymous Henry said...

Good post - totally agree with what you say. It will be an interesting year for UK politics. I know plenty of people who have had enough and openly support the BNP. Happy New Year!!

At 3:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very good post. Personally, I don't believe in that multiculturalism is a "world government" conspiracy, though it is distinctly leftist in tone.

The whole country is turning against multiculturalism, and has been for some time. The Tories' recent immigration policy paper, described as "soft on rhetoric, tough on policy" makes steps to curb foreign immigration outside of the EU, which let's face it is the big one that people notice.

As time goes on, I'd expect to see the Tories take more strides to the position you described.

At 6:14 pm, Blogger Michaelcd said...

Henry - Thanks, and Happy New Year to you.

Sam - I'm not a believer in a 'protocols of the elders of Zion', type conspiracy. However, many of the policies that were dreamt up by the extreme left, are now being championed by those who desire the weakening of the nation state.

As for the Conservative party, well I hope you are right. I am, like many other people, sick of rhetoric from political parties; it's concrete policies that will votes. So, if the Conservatives take sensible and tough policies on things like multicultralism, then they will surely prosper.

At 11:51 am, Blogger Praguetory said...

Excellent post Michael. I'll have to have a look what Laban's up to. Labour's solution always seems to be to campaign harder. As you rightly point out that is hogwash.

At 1:51 pm, Anonymous alex zeka said...

'Laban thinks this gap on the right will be filled, soon. The question is: by whom?'

I guess we must presume that you think so as well. Doesn't it strike you as ever so slightly eccentric to be utterly convinced that something will happen, while having no idea by what agency it'll happen? Rather like taking it on faith almost, or following the 'I'd like this to happen, ergo it will' line of logic?

Perhaps your dream party is gearing up to burst onto the national stage even as we speak. But we can't rely on that.

Your blog is enjoyable and strikingly free from taboo, which makes your coyness here all the more remarkable. Not that there aren't many in the rightwing blogosphere like you in this respect, ready to criticise immigration, multiculturalism, point out differences between the races and the practical consequences of these differences, daring even to point to jewish treason to the West. Yet still unwilling to say something very simply: 'It might be best to vote for the BNP for the moment'.

At 9:09 pm, Blogger Michaelcd said...


I am rather idealogical. So yes, I do hanker for a 'dream party', perhaps errantly. It's also this idealogical nature that separates me from the BNP, and, in fact, all the other parties, even UKIP.

It's difficult to elaborate on my idealogy here, perhaps it's better to put it on a post. What I will say is yes, I do think race matters. But, no, I don't think it is everything. In this respect, my position is similar to Pat Buchanan. Also, I think the voluntary repatriation policy, would be a complete disaster for this country. I also have the memory of watching the programme about Mark Collett, which contained praise for Adolf Hitler, and the sight of numerous people with swastika tatoos, at the BNP's festival. It goes without saying that I despise National Socialism, so this hardly endeared the BNP to me.

All that said, I do understand the way Sir John Bull thinks, and I have read the BNP and me blog. They are not 'evil facists'; they are simply motivated by anger at an oppressive ruling class. But, as I have said, I will not be following that path.

At 10:46 am, Blogger nzconservative said...

The BNP are pretty amateurish on economic issues and go too far on some social issues ( such as repatriation and the death penalty).

If the BNP could evolve into a more conservative party promoting orthodox economic policies (with a strong focus on savings, r & d, and productivity incentives rather than protectionism)while maintaining a tough limited immigration policy, they might get more mainstream support.

At 10:07 am, Blogger British National Party member said...

What you need to do is stop thinking of yourselves as passive consumers of politics and start putting your beliefs into practice, even if its not in the BNP.

This country needs action - in my opinion the BNP is the best vehicle for now - and certainly thinking people such as yourselves have to take the leap from theorising to doing or who will?


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