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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Crime and immigration

The media have been hounding jug-eared Charles Clarke on this interesting development, in the on-going saga of incompetence within the Home Office. Yes, thousands of foreign criminals who should have been deported have been allowed to slip through the net and get back onto the streets of Britain.

The national media have not, however, mentioned anything about this, which is another example of the lax border controls within the UK.
mmigration chiefs faced fury last night for allowing a member of a sordid Jamaican rape gang to make South London his hunting ground.

Sheldon Stewart, 26, was said to be part of the Buckles mob—a violent criminal outfit responsible for a spree of vile attacks in the Caribbean.[...]

Yet despite being know in his homeland as a gang member, Stewart, 26, was able to move to Britain where he has:

* raped a schoolgirl at gunpoint

* held a knife to another woman’s throat as he and a twisted accomplice tried to violate her

* taunted women who were prepared to stand up to him in court

* boasted of keeping young girls as SLAVES

Stewart was behind bars this week, facing a 12-year stretch for rape, attempted rape and possessing a gun.

But a scar-faced accomplice who took turns in raping the 15-year-old and is also a suspected Buckles member is still at large.

Victim support groups say the case highlights the disturbing ease in which potential sex attackers are able to slip unnoticed into the UK.

Their fury follows the rape and murder of schoolgirl Jeshma Raithatha by predator Viktors Dembovskis—welcomed to the UK despite a string of vile convictions in his native Latvia.

Immigration chiefs allowed Stewart into Britain in 2002, seemingly oblivious to the potential danger he posed.

This was because, like many gang members in the Caribbean, he lived under several street names making it hard for officials to keep accurate criminal records.

Tighter (obviously not tight enough - MCd) border controls were introduced in 2003, requiring Jamaican nationals to declare criminal convictions when applying to the UK, but even these are “not an automatic barrier” to the UK, the Home Office says.[...]

Inner London Crown Court heard how Stewart attacked a 15-year-old girl at gunpoint and dragged another woman into his flat in Peak Hill, Sydenham, after calling her “a white bitch”.

He and the scar-faced pal threatened to “burst” or shoot the first victim on November 25, 2004, if she didn’t submit to their sordid demands.

The girl had been lured into Stewart’s car on the promise of cannabis and a lift. Instead, both men took turns to rape her as a gun was held to her head.

Stewart targeted a second victim on December 30, 2004, first trying to chat her up, then bundling her into a car on the Tulse Hill Estate.

He called the 25-year-old a “white bitch” and drove her back to the Sydenham flat, where the accomplice was again waiting to pounce.

Stewart held a 7in long knife to the the sob-bing woman’s throat, but she kept calm and fooled the pair into letting her go to the toilet from where she fled.

The first girl, who was in social services care, was too afraid to give evidence.

But in an amazing show of bravery, she agreed to help nail Stewart after he phoned to taunt her over the allegations.

When cops from Streatham CID arrested the rapist at his girlfriend’s home in West Norwood, he claimed the 25-year-old was a prostitute and denied having sex with the teenager.

But jurors found him guilty of rape, sexual assault, kidnap, two counts of false imprisonment, two counts of possessing a firearm or imitation firearm, and an additional charge of witness intimidation.

Passing sentence, Judge Lindsay Burn described Stewart’s indifference towards his crimes as “extraordinary.”

Sentencing the killer to 11 years for the sex attacks and a further year for witness intimidation, the judge added: “It’s evident to me that you thought you could behave towards women in this way and get away with it.[...]

A Home Office spokesman refused to comment on “individual cases”, but said: “A criminal record is not an automatic barrier to entry to the United Kingdom.

“The Immigration database holds adverse information on individuals who we wish to prevent from entering the country.

“It contains certain details of overseas criminal convictions only where this information has been made available to the Police from an individual’s country of origin.”

Clarke's resignation would not assuage me whatsoever. The whole government policy on immigration controls, is embarassing, disastrous and downright incompetent. They hide behind the argument of economics, when in reality the likes of Stewart will cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands pounds whilst he is in jail.

Infact, although I am against the mass influx of Poles and Slovenes for mainly economic reasons, I feel the governments policy is an insult to them. The government, indeed the whole establishment, cannot see the difference between a hard working and relatively low crime causing Polish immigrant, and a Jamaican gangster/rapist or Romanian thieves.

Sadly, the difference of culture and race will never be acknowledged by the left and the media. But those who believe these types of people can in anyway benefit our country are either insane, or knowingly mendacious.


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