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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Three interesting articles

I have found a number of interesting articles on the subjects of immigration, Dr Frank Ellis and Cameron and his 'bananas'.

The first is this - from of all people - The Guardian. A defence of the unfairly maligned Frank Ellis, citing the dangerous threat to free speech, that has manifested itself after the controversy.

Secondly, we have this from The Times. A Sri Lankan immigrant has formed a new party which seeks to destroy the vile political correctness and allow debate on topics like immigration openly. This quote sums up the MSMs bias perfectly:
I do think we should have controls on immigration. I can say these things because I am dark-skinned but, if a white person says them, they are accused of being a racist.
Finally, Hitch the good (Peter) has, three days after my own post, also attacked Cameron's nonsensical speech on housing. His commenters have very articulately put across a similar point to myself:

Why is David Cameron (and just about everyone else in mainstream politics from what I can make out) so keen to completely build over every inch of countryside[....]Rather than rapidly increasing immigration, wouldn't it be better to encourage those people who already live here to have more babies? This could be achieved through fairer taxation and benefits that give married couples a helping hand in hard times and allowed mothers to bring up their own children rather than farming them out to paid strangers. The system as it is now stands actively encourages single parenting and divorce, which in turn puts pressure on us to build more homes.[....]Unfortunately, all the main parties now seem agreed on the policy of inflating the population now to pay for the pensions of the future and worry about the social and economic mess they've created later.

That was from one commenter. Another continued:
Can we at this point just remind ourselves of some of the reasons why this sudden surge in house building has come about.Could it have anything to do with the current trend towards one person occupency?The breakdown of marriages and family life?The totally uncontrolled levels of immigration?And if so can we just remind ourselves who was at the forefront of the promotion of this unprecedented and disasterous 'policy' and what will be seen in time as the complete distruction of that thing we, who can remember far enough back as 'the British Way of Life'.You've guessed it,New Labour.
I am absolutely delighted that these subjects are being debated so vigorously. And perhaps it is due to the increasing power of blogging that the MSM can no longer afford to ignore views they disagree with.


At 10:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you believe that David Cameron would offer any of this?

If New Labour are a disaster for the family then their bastard-offspring the NuTories are just going to make things worse.

At 12:34 pm, Blogger Michaelcd said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous.

As I have mentioned before I am a small c conservative. I don't support the Conservatives nor am I a member of the party. When it comes to elections I vote for who I believe is best. As the Conservatives move further to the left they move further away from me. Nonetheless I am in support of a number of things Cameron has done and said, certainly the comments on the environment and poverty are welcome.

My position as a traditionalist conservative will lead to 'mainstream conservatives' and the far-right both having problems with things that I say. However, I will try and be fair to any politician if they have a good idea, no matter what their general position, left or right.


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