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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Parisian "Youths" again.

The coverage of the Parisian riots in November was one of the most stark reminders of the bias of media coverage. The rioters were predominately described as 'youths' and the pictures of the riots consisted only of burnt-out buildings and dark shadows. The face's of the 'youths' were shown only in dark grainy pictures and most pictures consisted only of shadows. The contrast with the "white youths" of Cronulla (shown here) was obvious. The pictures on that riot are all crystal clear. And the MSM certainly had no problem using the word 'white'.

Now we have further disturbances in Paris. The original protests and strikes were typically French i.e. something as ludicrous as middle-class students protesting about employment law! However, there has been yet more of these bands of 'youths' appearing on the back of these protests and the lawlessness has reached even worse levels. The picture above shows riots in a park but in some of the papers today I have seen even clearer and graphic pictures of these 'youths'. One picture shows them stealing a woman's handbag and the face's are there for all to see whooping, delighted and gloating - like a pack of hunting dogs. They probably regarded the riots in the autumn as a sucess, and now any protest will be used as an excuse to defy the French state.

he two obvious conclusions that emanate from these pictures is that the French problem is the disaster of mass-immigration. And the correct and truthful word to describe these 'youths' is immigrant's. The reason why this word is never used in connection with these 'youths' in the MSM is fairly obvious, but it also proves the staggering bias that exists.


I have managed to locate the picture that sparked this article.


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