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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Labour's Immigration Policies (again)

David Davis has come up with the perfect summarisation of this, calling it; "deliberate negligence". In fact, that's the perfect summarisation of Labour's whole attitude to immigration, since they came to power in 1997.


At 7:07 pm, Blogger Martin said...


'Benign neglect' doesn't even begin to describe what's happened to the borders since 1997.

Hopefully the wretches in the Parliamentary Conservative Party will soon se the light and dump Wretch One, David Cameron, in favour of the only man of stature amonggst them, David Davis. When thy do that, I might think of voting Conservative again.

At 9:29 am, Blogger Michaelcd said...

True Martin. Perhaps 'calculated neglegence, would be a better summarisation.

I have to agree that the Conservative Party have been little short of woeful, recently. The 'own goal' presented to them by Labour, has been missed completely. It seems, that it's too much to ask the Conservative's to show to the public, how Labour is deliberately working towards abolishing British sovereignty.


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