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Monday, October 02, 2006

The Liberal Mind = diseased

Martin Kelly has a link to a particulary risible Guardian article, on his blog. Now, notwithstanding the poor quality of the aforementioned article, I had a read through the comment section. The messages left on this section are perhaps the most enlightening evidence of the diseased mind within the liberal left.

The first message to catch my eye was from someone under the moniker of bibamejico:
Cultural racism is far from being acknowledged in the UK, there are "innocent" ignorants who don't see racism and practicing believing racists and between them a whole range of other types and levels of racist.

I don't know why so many white people find it difficult to notice that racism is an everyday, everywhere occurence in the UK and elsewhere.

Having a black friend or two (which most whites don't) is not a sure sign of a cleansed soul .... perhaps having a black spouse/partner and some black kids is.

So you see, without black friends or children you are an 'unwitting' racist. Surely such stupidity could not be bettered? Of course it can squire, this is The Guardian:

CameronFan is what we in the U.S. call a piece of garbage White trash scum. Could you please send this worm to Basra so that some Iraqi marksman can enjoy the well-deserved right to put a bullet right between his eyes? Make the world a better place for our children: if you spot White trash scum, spit in their face.

How long would it take for the Guardian to delete a message from someone who talked about Black trash scum?

Admittedly the quality of the comments does increase markedly after that, but such logical arguments are lost on the minds of liberals, particulary a frequent commoronentator called damnlies:
so much bile in these comments...this is a sick country breeding some sick minds...racism is just a part of it...
A bad case of Psychological projection there. And, there's even time for the famous non sequitur to be trotted out:
Unbelievable. Liberalism is a diseased idealogy, rotten to the core. And hopefully, one day, the whole edifice will collapse on liberals unworthy heads.


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