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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Skills shortages

The immigration debate has heated up markedly in the last few days. First, there were stories questioning the orthodox, "they are contributing to our economy line". Then, the inevitable, hysterical backlash. Skills shortages need to be filled, they say.

My question has always been, in which industries are there shortages? So it's thanks to the CBI, today, for giving me the answer - hospitality. Right. So does that include those highly skilled professions such as plate washing, waiting-on, barwork, glass collecting and housekeeping? Okay, forgive me, I am being flippant. But seriously, what 'skills' within the hospitality industry are in such short supply?

I doubt I will get a satisfactory answer.


At 1:38 pm, Blogger Rick Darby said...

"He predicted intolerable tensions as a result, with a system of “one-way privilege” operating in favour of immigrants. That has not happened. There have been flashpoints along the way — race riots in Brixton, Bristol and the North of England, racist attacks and murders, and the worrying alienation of Muslim minorities. But the breakdown that he predicted has not happened; Powell’s nightmare vision has not materialised."

This bozo sure has a high tolerance for social breakdown as long as it's in aid of multi-culti.

One-way privilege? Well, if you're Muslim you can parade in Trafalgar Square with a sign urging beheading infidels. If you're a white Briton and you suggest deporting the Muslims who do this, you can be charged with a hate crime.

Intolerable tensions? No, Britain has never been more united — ha. I just read about how Bradford is divided as if there were a Great Wall between the Pakistani section (most of the city) and the white section (what is left of it).

The "worrying" alienation of Muslim minorities? Only 25 per cent of them support suicide bombing. Anyway, once they succeed in getting shari'a law enacted, first for themselves, then for the rest of Britain, there'll be no more Muslim alienation. Non-Muslim Brits will be the aliens.

Britain made a ghastly mistake in staking its future on immigration, and it's paying the price. But it's only a down payment on the total price. That will come later.

At 7:42 pm, Blogger Michaelcd said...

Rick - I think bozo is the best way to describe Magnus Linklater! I looked him up on wikipedia, and it seems that Mr Linklater attended both Eton and Cambridge. Furthermore, he had an expensive art collection, which seems to have been destroyed in a fire. I would hazard a guess that he lives in an all-white, upper-class neigbourhood, and his only experience of 'diversity' is his foreign servants and exotic restaurants.

I heard a great quote today, which just about summed up all that is wrong with multi-cultural Britain. According to the Muslim youth organisation, "intergration works both ways". So you see, it's our fault for expecting them to take on British customs and culture. How stupid of us!

So yes, I think this is Britain's future, we become more Muslim, or they will continue to hate us. And knowing our liberal establishment, it's the indigenous Brits who will be made to bend to their will.

At 3:32 am, Blogger Diego said...

Plan B was approved today, I would like everyone's opinion on it and how you think it will affect society, go to http://conservative-majority.blogspot.com and leave your comments.

At 1:52 pm, Blogger Martin said...


He lives in a Georgian townhouse in the New Town of Edinburgh.

'Trainspotting' territory, it ain't.

At 12:41 am, Blogger nzconservative said...

I though liberals wanted people to drink less.

How, it priming the hospitality industry with more cheap labour going to encourage people to drink less?

Come on liberals, give us 'dumb plebs' some simpler instructions.


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