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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Posting Drought

My postings have come to rather a crawl, lately. There’s no doubt that the barren spell has a lot to do with the news, or, lack of it to be more precise.There are other more personal reasons, however, that are really the root cause of the ennui.

It is rather silly and superstitious to believe that a change in the calendar date dictates a change of luck.
But 2006 ended with a pay rise, taking me from being lowly paid, to being on the low side of average. Needless to say, this heightened my enjoyment during the so-called ‘party season’. The comparison with the only a-week-and-a-half old 2007 is marked, due to a rather bad turn of events at work, leaving myself covering a colleague’s position. And, as many people know, being in a position of stress hardly helps those of us who are a little, ahem, highly strung.

These turn of events, also leave me in a bit of a quandary. I am hardly the most energetic of people, let alone bloggers, so struggle to do many of the things I wish to, even with a large amount of free time. This free time now looks set to evaporate. What this will do to my postings and comments, I simply don’t know. Perhaps my brain will be so fired up that I will actually be posting left, right and centre. And, what is better than responding to a stressful day than a long moan at the government’s expense!

Of course, that is the positive side.
I may, on the other hand, disappear from commenting and posting altogether. I really can't be sure at the moment. But, if there are no new posts on this blog, keep checking back, because I will resume posting when things get back to some sort of normality.

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