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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Boris and Jeff

It is time for another edition of Boris Johnson offends. This time it's Portsmouth turn.

Okay, Boris has again used gross generalisations, that don't really hold up when put under scrutiny. My memories of Portsmouth are of the Mary Rose being contstantly sprayed with water, and of the HMS Victory, resplendent in the August sunshine. And it is also as much of a Liberal Democrat area, as a Labour one.

However, despite Boris' opinions being somewhat off target, the reaction is another tiresome leftist over-reaction.

Jeff Hopkins' comments, insulting the people of Llanelli in the Sun yesterday, were far, far worse:

Jeff added: “It’s like dropping people from the moon. Polish kids are sent to the schools not being able to understand English.

“And Polish nurses are tearing their hair out at the state of the health service.”

And what of the local unemployed?

Jeff said: “The poor working class here have no skills and have been left behind. Many end up on drink or drugs.

“The Poles who come here are better educated. I don’t think many of the local unemployed are resentful — some just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.”

So, according to Jeff, unlike those super hardworking, ultra-intelligent Poles, the unemployed of Llanelli are workshy, drug-addicted, drink-soaked thickos.

Jeff is entitled to his view, of course, even if it is insulting and idiotic. I just wonder why we in Britian expect politicians to hold their tongues and their opinions in check, and then proceed to moan at their blandness and similarities. And, heaven forbid if Jeff Hopkins wore a blue rosette and had made those comments, he'd have already been strung from the nearest tree...

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