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Friday, January 26, 2007

Steve Moxon for Home Secretary?

Oh, how hard we would laugh at the embarassing Home Office, if it wasn't for the fact that the consequences of its idiocy are so dire.

Then, have a look a the one that got away, Steve Moxon. Steve represents everything that the Home Office is not: principled, rational and decidedly anti-PC. Just compare this post, with the hysterical reaction of the mainstream media:

It is a guffaw inducing irony that of all organisations Channel 4 is in the dock. Rightly it defended that there had been a clash that was not racist but merely about culture and class. A spokesman for JSP cited her public record on anti-racism, as if hysterical anti-racism is itself any defence. We live in the post-MacPherson world: any incident is officially deemed to be racist on the say-so of anyone deeming themselves the victim, or by anyone who witnessed it. Absolute lunacy. In any case, Shilpa is on record as saying that she did not consider Jade and Danielle's attack as racist. That leaves those BB viewers who sent in complaints. Pehaps we should use the more TV interactive viewers of Emmerdale to redaft the law on robbery or fraud?

If we can’t call an Indian and Indian, then we can’t call a Canadian a Canadian. We are already absolutely forbidden to call a Pakistani a Paki, yet Australians are always known as Aussies.

Wait for the backlash. It's coming. Anti-racist hysteria is anti-integration and deadening to the human spirit. The only place for it is as laughing stock. Being able to wind each other up is essential for social interaction, and all the idiots in politics and the media had better get wize to this and fast.

To say that people - white people to be more precise - are racist simply for calling an Indian 'the Indian', is lunacy. And as Steve correctly states, it shows that anti-racist hysteria is out of control. It doesn't stop there though. The hysteria has spun even further out of control on the back of the 'Big Brother' row:

Welsh Assembly Member Eleanor Burnham has apologised for referring to the Japanese as "Japs" in a chamber debate.

The Liberal Democrat AM for north Wales made the comment while talking about Japanese trains.

After criticism by other AMs she denied intending any slur, adding: "I had no intention in mind. I do apologise."

Labour AM Carl Sergeant said: "This was appalling behaviour from the Liberal Democrat AM for north Wales, especially coming hot on the heels of the Big Brother racism scandal.

"The Liberal Democrat leader in the assembly Mike German should take the action Channel 4 executives were too scared to take.

"He should immediately remove Eleanor Burnham from the North Wales regional list for this year's election."
Now, I am not much of a fan of the Lib Dems, but the reaction of Carl Sergeant sounds so far over the top, he'll be disappearing over the Moon sometime soon. If that is not the definition of hysteria then I don't know what is.

However, we must realise that, as Steve says, this hysteria is damaging to both race relations and integration. Therefore, in this anti-white climate, any attempt to 'teach' Britishness and to make society more cohesive, is bound to fail.

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At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, and entirely true. Political correctness is founded on such nit-picking, exploiting 'shame' and 'guilt'. It is purely, perhaps inadvertantly, about crushing freedom of expression and freedom of thought.

Perhaps it's time for a Muslim version of "Life of Brian".


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