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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hitchens on the EU

Hat-tip The Devils Kitchen

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At 1:51 am, Blogger PRCalDude said...

Same thing is happening to us. Our elites are creating a security and prosperity partnership of North America, never mind that the meso-American indians to our south share none of our values. It has it's own website: www.spp.gov. WE're told that it's purely economic, but most of us already know better. Oh well. Maybe the terrorists will wipe out Washington D.C. before it actually happens and leave us some of our sovereignty. The new Dark Ages will certainly be interesting

At 6:16 pm, Blogger Michaelcd said...

'Security and Prosperity Partnership', sounds very Stalinesque .

I suppose the irony of such types of supranational bureaucracies currently arising in the West being so, well, Soviet, wouldn't even dawn on the elites!

At 8:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was an impressive performance by Hitchens. I'm reading his book "Abolition of Britain" (again) at the moment.

At 11:52 am, Anonymous Chris Palmer said...

The problem is, Peter Hitchens and others like him make these arguments and the political classes never bother to counter them. They just use their collective power to portray people such as him as extremists and continue with their undemocratic plans.

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