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Sunday, May 21, 2006


There was a letter to The Telegraph, which I thought would be worth reproducing here. It was a riposte to Lord Tebbit's opinion that the BNP was not Right-wing:
Lord Tebbit argues that because the "far Right" rejects unrestrained
free-market capitalism, its policies should not be viewed as
"Right-wing" at all (Comment, May 7). Does "free-market" or capitalist
automatically mean "Right-wing", or even Conservative?

The monetarist position, to which the Tories have been devoted since the
mid- 1970s, tends to derive from the economic liberalism of the 19th
century. That school saw the trading of goods and movement of people as
something to overcome the old status quo of landed aristocracy, rooted
communities, and self-contained nations.

Today's global free market, in which products, people, cities and
countries are homogonised, is achieving the sort of levelling which
Communists and the inter- nationalist Left could only dream of.

Stuart Millson, East Malling, Kent


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