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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Amnesty loses its marbles

Amnesty International, set up to 'safeguard' human rights, has added the promotion of the right to kill, to its list of universal 'human rights'. Its 45 year old neutral stance on abortion is being junked, in its place they will campaign against governments who oppose abortion. Accoding to Amnesty:
Governments have responsibilities to ensure that everyone's sexual and reproductive rights are protected," AI says in its documents. "No one should be discriminated against when and if they attempt to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights, or ask that they be protected.
A wonderful piece of cultural marxist prose aside - the inference is obvious. According to Amnesty, abortion is a reproductive right. Proof, if it was ever needed, that 'human rights' is a defunct phrase. Abortion should not be 'promoted' or 'supported', it is a sad fact of life that sometimes it maybe needed as a last resort. It's certainly not a 'right'. In fact, every human being should have serious misgivings about abortion, and believe in the maxim 'the less the better'.

It seems, however, that being able to support limited abortion is not an option. Since legalisation in the UK, abortion has become another layer of birth control. Women are having multiple abortions in a calendar year. Healthy but 'imperfect' babies are being aborted. And, late abortions continue unabated. How can amnesty justify badgering governments into following this dangerous path?

The likely result of their change of policy will be an exodus from its church going members. The very same people who have made it the envy of every other human rights organisation. But surely, the most important thing that Amnesty will lose is its morality.


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