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Friday, August 11, 2006


It's very easy to feel a sense of profound gloom about the situation at the moment. Notwithstanding the Israeli-Hezbollah situation, we have now seen an attempt to commit 'mass murder, on an unprecedented scale'.

It's even more gloomy when you see police Range Rovers everywhere on your way to work. Then, whilst you are buying your lunch, seeing policemen with machine guns all around you. Such is the lot of those of us who have to work at an airport.

Reading papers and blogs hardly lifts the gloom either. Littlejohn, commenting today in the Mail, said: 'heads we lose, tails they win'. Larry Auster's prophecy also sounds depressingly realistic:
This is the unchangeable reality I pointed to in my 2004 article, “How to Defeat Jihad in America.” We will have terrorist attacks and threats of terrorists attacks and inconvenient and humiliating security measures and the disruption of ordinary activities FOREVER, as long as Muslims are in the West in any significant numbers. The Muslim terrorists are part and parcel of the Muslim community. According to a survey reported in the Scotsman, 24 percent of Muslims in Britain (I never describe them as “British Muslims”) believe the July 2005 London bombings were justified. Imagine that. Not only do these Muslims in Britain support terrorism against Britain, they’re not afraid to say so openly to a pollster! The unchangeable fact is that wherever there is a sizable Muslim community there will be a very large number of terror supporters and therefore—inevitably—actual terrorists as well.

This is our future, FOREVER, unless we stop Muslim immigration and initiate a steady out-migration of Muslims from the West until their remaining numbers are a small fraction of what they are now and there are no true believers among the ones that remain. Travelers from Muslim countries must be tightly restricted as well. Muslims must be essentially locked up inside the Muslim lands, with only carefully screened individuals allowed into the non-Muslim world.

Stanley Kurtz is also gloomy. Continuing on the theme that whatever we do is destined to failiure, he concludes that the best thing to be is a hawk - albeit one who sees no possible way of defusing the threat.

But, we are authors of our own downfall. We believe that all cultures are the same, and that being born in Britain negates your cultural and religious heritage. We believe that middle-eastern countries can be 'democratised'. Kurtz's view on this is worth repeating:
The stick of military force combined with the carrot of democracy was supposed to have provided a way out. Unfortunately, democratization of fundamentally illiberal societies cannot happen quickly. Real democratization requires a great deal of time and deep, painful, expensive underlying cultural change, almost impossible to bring about without an effectively permanent military occupation.
Liberalism's child of cultural relativism, has led us down this wrong path. Afghanistan is not a country of westerners, it's a third world country with a backward people in a mountainous wilderness. You cannot simply plant western style democracy there, and then expect it to resemble Europe. it's no wonder that 'the state' has no control over such a country. As in medieval Europe, a strong leader is needed - either a King or a Dictator.

But, our worst sin is another one given to us by liberalism. Our aversion to profiling by religion or race is unforgiveable. Maybe all Muslims are not terrorists, but all the terrorists are Muslims. And yet, Heathrow airport still employed Asmin Tariq as a security officer. We also need to look at the ranks of suicide bombers, almost all are of Pakistani origin. However, we waste precious resources on stopping all ethnic groups, in an attempt to keep false liberal delusions alive.

So Larry is right, this is our future, forever. And it's a future beggoten by liberalism.


At 5:50 am, Blogger Martin said...


It's always darkest before the dawn.

At 5:29 pm, Blogger Michaelcd said...

True. And the light of the dawn might just be piercing the dark in the British public's mind.

At 10:11 am, Blogger Martin said...


I hope so.

The alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

At 10:21 pm, Blogger Praguetory said...

Despite the clear logic to what you say insufficient people in the West have cottoned on to the idea that they face a Judaeo-Christian future or a horrible civil war. These people are placing too much faith in democracy. Yours is not an extreme position.


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