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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The end of Italia?

As depressed as I am about the future of my country, others seem burdened with an even worse government. Take Italy, for example. I predicted that the Prodi government would be a complete disaster. I have been proved right.

Fabio, from the Italian Version, has listed his complaints against the government:
  • The Fight against tax invasion - The Prodi government has instigated a set of measures which are both intrusive and authoritarian, disregarding privacy, presumption of innocence and property rights.
  • Forced extraction of DNA - Self explanatory.
  • Pardons - Whilst I am not aware what this is referring to, it seems youth offenders have been pardoned.
  • Immigration - Not content with giving an amnesty to 350,000 illegals, the Prodi government has introduced a bill which will entitle immigrants to automatic citizenship, after five years of residency.
  • Apartheid on the Beach - GalliaWatch had a great post on this. Even the suggestion that beaches should be put aside for Muslim-female only bathing, shows that Italy are following the French into dhimmitude.
It's sad to see all this happening. I had hoped that Italy would resist the inexorable march towards to becoming a 'global traffic station'. Now, they face an increasingly authoritarian and pro-EU future.

I said it before and now I will say it again. Forget the picture that the smug media in this country painted of him; all hope for Italy died when Berlusconi was voted out.


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