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Monday, July 03, 2006


Do you know the reason why Ghana was eliminated from the World Cup? I thought it was because they couldn't defend if their lives depended on it. But no, apparently it's because of, yes you guessed it, racism.
The dust created by human stampedes still looms low in the air after hastily arranged street protests appeared around Ghana. Scrawled slogans on torn pieces of cardboard read "Africa boycott the World Cup," and "The white man has ruined us again," emphasising the strength of feeling against the obrunis - white people - their alleged discriminators.
Referee Lubos Michel is the guilty one. He's the white man who is responsible for favouring the opposition, Brazil over the poor Ghanaians. Yes, you read that right, Brazil, hardly a team full of Nordic types!

Of course it's all very unsurprising. Africans will always be 'victims', in both their own eyes and in the eyes of the liberal West. And this s
myth will make sure they always remain 'victims'.


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