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Sunday, November 05, 2006

An irony?

This week the globalisation-obsessed government, declared war on the middle-classes. Blaming them for global warming thanks to their cheap flights, 4x4s, rubbish and the fact that they 'leave the lights on'. The solution, which must have been oh so heart-breakingly difficult for the government to reach, is tax, tax and.....more tax.

Yesterday, the world's biggest goods ship brought us a massive amount of 'goodies' from China. The ship also has the biggest diesel engine ever built. Do politicians realise how many 4x4's would be needed to create as much pollution as this ship? And, therefore, do they know that their taxes are worthless in any attempt to 'save the envirnoment'? Do they? Yes, they do.

They pursue a policy of trade which sends all manufacturing to a country with dodgy economic controls, and then ships the goods over massive distances causing huge pollution. So, if politicans are not bothered about global warming, why should I be?


At 7:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The attack on the middle-classes by all three major political parties in the name of global warming is unforgivable.

It seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Even the Church of England.


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