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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pro-choice Barbarians, Emerge From a Hole

This is Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordshire. Last month, Nadine tabled a bill attempting to amend Britain's ultra-liberal abortion law. The bill was moderate in its proposals:
  1. The introduction of a cooling off period of 10 days. If the abortion is still wanted, it will go ahead.
  2. Cutting the upper limit from 24 to 21 weeks.
  3. During the cooling off period, the woman/girl will attend counselling.
All of these are very sensible propsals, which would constitute an improvement to our current laws. Nonetheless, the government, represented by a harridan called Chris McCafferty, described the bill as:
Cynical, cruel and inhumane
As opposed to the wonderfully 'humane' process of abortion, I suppose?

Unfortunately, the bill was defeated. But Nadine was succesful in raising this important issue, even though it received very little national coverage. And, as this was part of the bill's objective, she was happy with the result.

To tackle such an issue requires a lot of courage. The establishment do not want the debate, and there is also the sinister 'pro-choice' nutjobs, to consider. And almost inevitably, the aforementioned nutjobs targeted Nadine with death threats. It's not a stretch to imagine that these threats are very real. Life is obviously cheap to such people.

As sad as this all is, I hope it will, one day, lead the public to see the reality of abortion. And, I hope is that one day the media will stop its instutional pro-abortion bias. Perhaps, instead of portraying pro-lifers as a bunch of facists, it will tell the truth about the extremist pro-abortion lobby. And, that the public will also recognise that the anti-abortion lobby uses logic, arguments and peaceful protest, whilst the pro-choicers use insults and threats. I believe, and hope, that thanks to Nadine's bravery, that day is getting closer.

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