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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pervere Equality

Commenting on this, Laban Tall nails the inequality in British justice, under new "anti-gay" laws:
The BBC have the story as main news item, playing the 'homophobia' angle for all it's worth (approx £0.41p), full of righteous indignation. Looks like some victims are worth more than others. Would that all murderers got 28 years minimum.

"It is understood to be the first time that a judge has been able to use an anti-gay motive as an aggravating feature to help decide the sentence." We already have higher sentences for 'racist attacks', now a larger tariff for 'homophobes' - not really the correct word, Mr Dobrowski's killers didn't seem afraid of him. Soon there will be higher sentences for 'sexist attacks', and we shall have reached the nirvana where all are valued equally, regardless of race, gender or sexuality - except white men.


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