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Saturday, June 24, 2006

JMW Turner - The Battle of Trafalgar.

I will finish with JMW Turner's The Battle of Trafalgar. This was Turner's only Royal commission. Of course, there are very few art critics who would rate this as Turner's best work, but it is my favourite by some distance. Why? Well, obviously, there is the subject of the painting, the greatest battle under sail. And, as I've mentioned probably too many times, the age of sail is the period in history which enchants me most. Also, unsurprisngly, Nelson is one of my all time heroes; and my trip to the Victory as a young boy, is one of my most vivid memories.

I have, however, included this painting, because it is also stunningly beautiful. HMS Victory never looked so powerful, so grand and so stoic. In this painting Victory, for me, represents Nelson, and even perhaps, good ol'Britannia herself.


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