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Monday, June 19, 2006

Spanish "fight"

This article raised a chuckle:
European Leaders have voiced consensus on the need to better protect the continent’s frontiers and have voiced support for the Spanish government in its fight against illegal immigration.

The leaders of the 25 countries are meeting in Brussels and have also underlined the need to fight organised crime, and to integrate the less fortunate into society.

The European Exterior Frontiers Agency is preparing a special package of help for Madrid.
Its 'fight' thus far, has consisted of an abject surrender. In 2005 the Spanish government implemented its fifth amnesty in the last twenty years. After the amnesty, the Spanish government promised to 'clamp- down on illegal immigration'. In reality, what hashappenedd is an even larger influx, especially from Africa.
The Spanish government recently acknowledged that 7,500 illegals arrived in the Canary Islands during the first half of 2006, compared to 4,751 in all of 2005. The Spanish police documented about 12,000 attempts by Moroccan migrants to enter the Spanish town of Melilla. Illegal border crossing has been matched with a skyrocketing number of cases of fraud from individuals trying to qualify for amnesty, overwhelming immigration officials, who have been unable to cope with processing, screening, and adjudicating the flood of amnesty applications.
So, in short, this policy has been a foreseeable disaster. And the EU, should not give a Euro of taxpayers money to the socialist government who's amnesty has created these problems.


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